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I have been looking for a second job recently and wanted to share my cover letter here, I would hope that people (readers of this blog) would comment or at least inform me of openings throughout the greater puget sound area. I like my primary occupation now but am in need of a supplement to my income via a second job during the day:

Stephen McGill


6824 19th street west #213                                                               206-455-0135

University Place, WA 98466                                                



I am actively seeking an opportunity with your company, preferably in an operations role. My educational and professional background has equipped me with a multitude of skills, and I would like to continue my growth within your organization. I currently have a Bachelor’s degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (University of Washington).


Throughout my career in the defense and security field, I have demonstrated for my employers an exceptional operational facility for meeting organizational objectives and demands. I have developed the skills that ensure the highest level of competence, time management and confidentiality. I am certain I would prove to be an asset at your organization as well. I also have extensive Microsoft office experience which includes: powerpoint, word, excel, etc. spending a tremendous amount of time as an active directory manager and a software principle manager having my specific title listed as a Network Administrator. Furthermore, I have designed, planned, and implemented security and network policy software.


I have also worked in project management for four years in the Communications field, managing over 3,000 employees. For two years I worked at the Naval Special Warfare Development Group as a project manager (managing over 500 employees), for a year I worked as a project manager with Global Integrated Security (managing over 3,000) and presently I work as the Vice-President (Project Manager) of a software development company called Swift Bend.


I am a hardworking and reliable person always looking to better myself and learn new skills. A career at your organization would be very rewarding. I am sure if I am given the opportunity to meet with you personally I will be able to tell you more about my achievements and aspirations. I also have considerable time as the head of network and or management in regards to administrative work. For example, I have authored many memorandums and created many standard operational procedure protocols for operational security.


Thank you in advance for your time in considering me for a position.



Stephen McGill

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