Today we will be discussing the film Lovelace, which if I am not mistaken was initially offered to Lindsey Lohan. If the rumors are true that Lindsey Lohan was going to play Linda Lovelace it would have resulted in a very different film. Let me begin this review with a disclaimer; Peter Sarsgaard might be the best actor working in Hollywood today. Now that I got that out of the way let’s discuss this brilliant piece of film-making.

The title role is played by Amanda Seyfried who somehow transforms herself into a vulnerable porn star with a penchant for choosing the wrong man to be with. Her arc as a character is absolutely astounding. Whether it is the relationship she has with her Mother (played by Sharon Stone) or the conversation she has with her husband Chuck (Peter Sarsgaard) the subtle strokes of awkward naivety allows the audience to believe that her plight is not that of an ignorant person but that of a hopeful fairy attempting to find something missing in her heart.

Naturally her intrigue into the opposite sex roots from the desire to keep her husband happy; a common theme in the the 1970’s. However, it is this absolute belief that corners her into a world full of drugs, alcohol and sexual exploits.

Most of the male characters are full of absolute wickedness until a uneven and virtually awful rendition of Hugh Hefner is revealed. Hefner is played with all of the personality of a slug by the incredibly untalented James Franco who somehow keeps getting work despite his complete lack of an emotional or personal redeeming qualities.

While the real Linda Lovelace is even more layered than the film which derives its split personality from her book “Ordeal” I would recommend the film based on the exceptional work by the director/ writer who reveals a behind the scenes vignette which in turn makes the audience complacent in the overall transformation of Linda Lovelace from a porn star to a empowered women’s rights activist.





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